Lamp-Lite Theatre relies entirely on volunteers for everything we do. If you are a theater lover, there are a number of ways you can volunteer to help us continue to bring live theater to audiences throughout East Texas and Louisiana, including acting on-stage, running lights, building and painting sets, making music, dancing, working the box office, ushering, putting together publications, mail-outs, grant applications, benefits  . . . ”It’s all part of the show at Lamp-Lite,” says Lamp-Lite Director, Sarah McMullan.

The three main areas for volunteer opportunities are FRONT-OF-HOUSE, BACKSTAGE, and PERFORMERS.

It is the “out front” volunteers that our patrons and customers have the most frequent or direct contact with. Volunteers help us meet our objective of making every patron’s theater-going experience a pleasant and enjoyable one. The work is not difficult, but it does require an interest in assisting Lamp-Lite patrons.

"Front-of-House" Volunteers serve in three main areas as follows:

  • Box Office — On performance days, the box office will open beginning 45 minutes before curtain. Box Office volunteers are responsible for selling tickets (cash, check or credit card), including “will call” tickets, as well as completing daily audience attendance sheets and cash receipts at the end of their shift. The Box Office also coordinates with BACKSTAGE on when to turn reception area lights on and off during the performance and intermission. Volunteers must report for duty to the House Manager one hour before curtain.
  • Ushers — Ushers are stationed at the lobby entrance into the theater seating area and are responsible for collecting tickets from patrons, as well as handing them a program. Ushers will tear the ticket in half, returning one half to the patron and putting the other half in the basket by the door. This basket will be used to calculate the daily audience attendance and, at curtain time, will be given to the Box Office for counting. Volunteers must report for duty to the House Manager one hour before curtain.
  • Snack Bar Concession — The two snack bar volunteers are responsible for selling concessions, including soft drinks, water, coffee and snacks. They are also responsible for selling T-shirts (both for current performance and previous performances), as well as making coffee and ensuring that sufficient soft drinks and water are in the cooler. Volunteers must report for duty to the House Manager one hour before curtain.

All volunteers will receive a COMPLIMENTARY TICKET to that day’s performance and, once the lights go down, they may take a seat in the auditorium and enjoy the play.

After the play, volunteers will help tidy up the theater and empty the waste baskets into the dumpster outside.

If you would like to become a FRONT-OF-THE-HOUSE volunteer, please contact the HOUSE MANAGER at lamplitetheatre@yandex.com.

Anyone interested in working backstage for our Lamp-Lite performances should contact:

Anyone interested in performing in one of our Lamp-Lite plays should contact Sarah McMullan at (936) 569-7119 for an audition.



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