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  • A Professional Touch Cleaning Services
  • AquaKing Pressure Washing & Parking Lot Striping Systems
  • Austin Bank
  • Axley & Rode, LLP
  • Badders Law Firm P.C.
  • Annabel Barber, M.D.
  • Bailey McLain Insurance
  • BancorpSouth Bank | BXS Insurance
  • (The) Brick House Inn Bed & Breakfast
  • Buchanan Wealth Management
  • Cason Monk-Metcalf Funeral Directors
  • Cataract, Glaucoma, Cornea & Retina Consultants of East Texas
  • Clyde Partin Monuments, Inc.
  • Commercial Bank of Texas
  • Continental Liquor Store
  • (The) Cottage Wine Bar
  • (The) Daily Sentinel
  • Creative Photography
  • Downtown Arts | Nancy Yarbrough
  • Eric Russell Tree Services
  • (The) Gutter Guys
  • Heart of the Pines
  • Kline's Wrap-It-Up
  • KTRE
  • Lehmann Eye Center
  • Loblolly Properties, LLC
  • Loblolly Quiltworks
  • Lone Star AC and Heating
  • Mary Mocniak and Piney Woods Apartment Association
  • Merci's World Cuisine
  • Nacogdoches Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Parkway Wealth Management Group — Scarlett Sloane Long
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Lamp-Lite Theatre

Nacogdoches, Texas

Our Members & Supporters

The Lamp-Lite Players gratefully recognize our Underwriters, Benefactors, Patrons and Members for the 2022-23 Season. These individuals and businesses are the primary support groups for the Theatre and help to both maintain and enhance the excellence of its activities.

  • Jill & Doug Datin
  • Robbie Marshall


  • Dr. Richard & Debbie Berry
  • Dr. David & Charlotte Sanderson


  • Ruth Carroll


 Lois & Gene Adams
 Danielle Lewis
 Diana & John Alejos
 Patrick Lewis
 Michael Ball
 Frances & Thomas LoStracco
 Kelly & Matt Bateman
 Richard Malloy
 Freda & Jeff Birdwell
 Gail McCandless
 Cathy & Stan Blackwell
 Mat McCarley
 Charlotte Bock
 Nancy & Dan McMahon
 Linda Bryant
 Debbie Miller
 Donald & Patricia Clark
 Betty & J.D. Miller
 Beverly & Thomas Collins
 Dorothy & Gary Morse
 Dorothy Collier
 Frederick Niehaus
 Jill & Rick Craig
 Lisa Norman
 Melissa McMillian-Cunningham
 Tina & Bryan Oswald
 Ellen S. Daniel
 Olivia & Michael Owen
 Doris Daniel
 Pauline & George Patterson
 Melissa DeVine
 Kelle Price
 Kim Dean
 Faye & David Rhodes
 Debbie & Tim DuFrene
 Wanda & Ron Schenk
 Shonda & Daaron Dwyer
 Gina & Bill Small
 Bill Elliott
 Marylou Smith
 Susan Farrell
 Alisa Steed
 Garylyn Farrell
 Susan Syzdek
 Laurie & Dean Fisher
 Lynn Teague
 Jan Folbre
 Nell Teer
 Maggie Forbes
 Sharon Templeman
 Cynthia Grayson
 Dixie & Paul Thompson
 Judy & Larry Havenhill
 Nell & Ken Untiedt
 Lois Hejl
 Shirley Watterston
 Elizabeth Holcombe
 Nancy Ellen Walker
 Amanda Hutchison
 Ron Watson
 Rick Jones
 William Watkins
 Alan Johnson
 Judy Webb
 Marianne & Mike Keller
 Jean Wells
 Linda & Bill King
 Wyndell Westmoreland
 Dee Dee King
 Katherine & Steve Whitbeck
 Pam & David Kulhavy
 Debra White
 Donna & Troy Lagrotteria