Housekeeping Rules

We strive to make your experience at Lamp-Lite a wonderful and enjoyable one, so we try to minimize the number of restrictions we have on our patrons. In fact, these are primarily for the benefit of our Theatre-going patrons, the performers on stage, insurance liability or our contracts with the rights holders to the plays we produce.

  • NO FLASH PHOTOS  — Out of consideration for the audience and actors, we ask that no one use a flash camera during the performance.
  • NO VIDEO OR RECORDING — Our contracts with leasing companies forbid videos and recordings.
  • TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONE — Please power off your cell phones prior to curtain. We understand that some of our patrons may be on call, in which case we ask that you turn your phone to silent and that you leave the auditorium before talking.
  • RESERVED SEATING — ALL SEATS for MUSICALS ONLY are reserved in advance (see RESERVED SEATING CHART). For all other performances (i.e., non-musicals), all seats are first-come/first-served.  The only exception is that any PATRON and DONOR ticket holders may have reserved seating, if they wish, but they MUST notify the Theatre at least 24 hours in advance as to which performance they plan to attend.
  • WILL CALL — Lamp-Lite Theatre no longer offers a Will Call service. All tickets must be purchased either at one of our three ticket outlets (Glass Castles, Kline's Wrap It Up, or the Nacogdoches Visitors Center) or at the Lamp-Lite Box Office beginning 45 minutes before curtain.
  • SAVED SEATS — The vast majority of our performances are first-come, first-served, but we understand that there will be times when our patrons need to save a seat in the auditorium for a friend or family member before the curtain goes up. As a courtesy to other attendees, however, we ask that you limit your seat-saving to no more than one seat. In other words, one person cannot save two or three or six additional seats by themselves. Our patrons come to Lamp-Lite to enjoy an entertaining play, not to watch an argument in the audience.

Lamp-Lite Theatre

Nacogdoches, Texas